Providence Crypto Mining Rig, 216-248 MH/s - With 8 x Entry Level GPU's

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Featuring eight entry-level GPU's that push a respectable hashrate range of 216-248 MH/s on the Ethash blockchain. The Providence is a great crypto mining rig model for those looking to make an initial splash in the world of Cryptocurrency Mining. Coming fully sourced, built and configured we handle everything needed to get you up and running including a step-by-step guide to getting your mining monitoring software on your phone.


The Providence Crypto Mining Rig Includes

  • 1 x Fully enclosed protective case
  • 8 x Entry Level Nvidia Graphics Cards
  • 5 x Cooling fans
  • 1 x Powerful 2800W power supply unit
  • Your choice of pre-configured mining software
  • All the wires, connectors, RAM, CPU and related "stuff" that makes the rig work flawlessly


This mining rig is a great Entry Level Mining Rig capable of:

  • 216-248 MH/s**
  • Avg £400 to £500 monthly passive income (during 2021)***
  • 8 Graphics Card per unit
  • 60 to 75 dB of noise
  • Regulating its own temperature (always place in a well-ventilated area)
  • Automatic restart on power loss
  • Protecting your investment
  • Pre-configured on your behalf to be Plug & Play (after purchase, we will contact you for your wallet addresses etc... No experience needed.)


** Hashrate ranges are given as values between stock settings and probable overclock values. Crypto Mining Rigs are not responsible for the mining software, how you use the mining software, your GPU's or what levels of overclocks you apply to your GPU's.

*** Monetary values are given as a historical guide. Please note, that payouts are in Cryptocurrency. Fiat (e.g GBP, USD) returns are realised at the point of converting crypto into Fiat currency.

**** All supplied hardware other than your GPU's and surge protectors are covered by a 12-month limited warranty. Outside of warranty, we may charge for servicing and parts.

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This information does not indicate financial advice, nor should it be construed in this way. This example cashflow is a snapshot using a fixed price of Bitcoin (BTC) and is subject to the GBP/BTC exchange rate at any given moment. BTC has historically experienced market volatility. You are advised to consult a recognised tax specialist and/or financial advice prior to making financial decisions.