Durendal Crypto Mining Rig, 636-720 MH/s with 6 x Nvidia 3090 GPU's

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Current lead time on Durendal Crypto Mining Rigs: 33 days

The 6 top tier Nvidia 3090's are given ample room to breathe in this powerhouse of a crypto mining case. The superior airflow and powerful PSU give the Durendal the well-deserved moniker of the most stable crypto mining rig.

Featuring convenient carry handles on the front for easy relocation, simply plug in the supplied high capacity plug, an ethernet cable and switch on. Our plug and play configuration boots up and connects Durendal to the blockchain within minutes. And, our guided mining software walkthrough allows you to easily monitor your investment performance from anywhere on the planet.

The Durendal is a solid choice for those wanting the power of a crypto mining super rig that can tolerate bigger temperature fluctuations (and more overclock tinkering*). 


Every Durendal Crypto Mining Rig Includes

  • 1 x Fully enclosed protective case with superior airflow
  • 6 x Nvidia 3090 Graphics Cards
  • 4 x Cooling fans
  • 1 x Powerful 3000W power supply unit
  • Your choice of pre-configured mining software
  • All the wires, connectors, RAM, CPU and related "stuff" that makes the rig work flawlessly
  • Full instructions for adding your GPU's

This Crypto Mining Rig is a top tier Super Mining Rig capable of:

  • 636-720 MH/s**
  • Avg £1100 to £1400 monthly passive income (during 2021)***
  • 6 Graphics Card per unit
  • 60 to 75 dB of noise
  • Regulating its own temperature (always place in a well-ventilated area)
  • Automatic restart on power loss
  • Protecting your investment
  • Pre-configured on your behalf to be Plug & Play (after purchase, we will contact you for your wallet addresses etc... No experience needed.) 


* Your rig will be delivered with hashrates between the range provided. However, once received you are free to tinker around with your clock settings. We do not provide any guidance or recommended settings. If you need us to set overclocks for you then you will be required to sign a waiver.

** Hashrate ranges are given as values between stock settings and probable overclock values. Crypto Mining Rigs are not responsible for the mining software, how you use the mining software, your GPU's or what levels of overclocks you apply to your GPU's.

*** Monetary values are given as a historical guide. Please note, that payouts are in Cryptocurrency. Fiat (e.g GBP, USD) returns are realised at the point of converting crypto into Fiat currency.

**** All supplied hardware other than your GPU's and surge protectors are covered by a 12-month limited warranty. Outside of warranty, we may charge for servicing and parts.

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