Crypto Mining Rig Build Service - Supply your own GPU's

Crypto Mining Rigs

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Got a supply of your own GPU’s but no experience in building crypto mining rigs? Purchase our crypto mining rig build service to have 100% of the work done for you!


- Durable Metal Casing to protect your investment

- Powerful PSU giving ample capacity

- Mining Software pre-installed and configured

- Send in your GPU's we'll build, configure and return a complete crypto mining rig

Supply your own GPUs and we’ll professionally build, install, test and give your Crypto Mining Rig back to you, within 10 days of receipt of your GPUs.

  • Built to handle greater power consumption on a single PSU
  • Optimised for power and temperature efficiency
  • All rig hardware supplied
  • The easiest way to start mining cryptocurrency
  • Get paid out in any GPU minable coin and even BTC!
  • Professional mining consultancy for those who want to HODL an alternative, non-minable coin

After you place your order we will contact you for the following information (don't worry if you are unsure, we'll guide you):

  • Our receiving address (for your GPU's)
  • Your preferred payout coin
  • Your wallet address(s)
  • Which GPU's you'll be using
  • Collection or Delivery

We'll then build, configure and test your crypto mining rig for 5 days before arranging the collection of your completed rig with guided instructions on how you can best look after your new crypto mining rig.

We will not accept liability for cards that are sent to us via post. We advise you to take out an adequate level of insurance and tracking or hand-deliver them to us at our Sheffield Office.

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